Make America Hate Nazis Again

Because hating Nazis is a constitutional right and as American as apple pie.

Wear this for the people who choose to defend the right to say, “white people are superior” over the right to say “all races are equal”. For the people who are more vocal about a football player taking a knee during the anthem than they are about people marching down US streets waving swastikas and saluting Hitler. And for the president who wouldn’t condemn white supremacists until he was under pressure to do so.

Just to clarify, we’re not saying America loves Nazis (or the KKK). We’re just saying white supremacists are trying to start a party in America’s own living room and we haven’t collectively decided to kick them out yet. Germany did it and Nazi propaganda is no longer allowed in their home, yet the country who fought them is still somehow putting up with it?

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